Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ever Girl - Your Way to Play!

Ever Girl - Your Way to Play!
Hit the town with your friends as you plan the hottest events and prepare forsummer camp. Be an actress train with the soccer team or throw an end ofthe year party! At everView it's up to you! everView School has an awesome assortment of activities to choose from. You can do whatever you want to do: music fashion design sports or evenpolitics. The don't really know what your skills areyet. Maybe by helping your friends put together a variety of events youwill be able to understand which ones suit you best. And when you finallyknow you'll be ready to get your very own challenge!

Product Features
* Customize your look and fashion with your own style
* Hang out with your friends at everView school
* Multiple endings based on your decisions and everScope
* Create your character - pick a name for your character change your hair skin and eye color.
* Change your outfit and shoes
* Change your hair style
* Check your e-mail
* Keep diary logs to track important events and major achievements along with your to-do list.

Activities Include

everView Magazine Party
Jordan has just been assigned as the editor of the school newspaper and she hasa big idea: a new magazine for everTown. But she needs help topublish the magazine. She has four jobs and wants you to choose oneyou like.

Year-End Party
Megan is in charge of the year-end party committee and has decided to throw aTropical party. In order to do that she needs all the help she can get soshe hopes you can take on one of the tasks involved with the party. Youmust choose which takes you find more entertaining and carry it out.

Summer Camp
At last summer has come and this year's summer camp will have four very specialcontests. Thanks to all the help you gave to your friends you havefinally discovered your skills and what you like to do. Participate in thecontest you are most suited for!

Soccer Game
Ashley one of your best friends is excited because the everView soccer team isalmost in the state finals and the definitive match will be played on this veryfield.. She is the captain of the team so she is in charge of all thegame related events even the broadcast. That is why she needs yourhelp. First practice the four different tasks that need covering thendecide which one you like most.

Summer Play
Jessica is a little worried because she is in charge of putting on the summerplay and she needs help. She hopes that you can assist her with therehearsal and after that play a key part during the play.

Windows Requirements
• Windows 98Me 2000 XP
• 733MHz processor (1.0GHz or higher recommended)
• 256MB of RAM
• 700MB Free Hard Drive Space
• 32MB Video Card
• 16-bit SoundBlaster compatible Sound Card

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