Thursday, December 4, 2008

Paranormal Agency (HOG)

Paranormal Agency (HOG)
Heather Mills is a detective with paranormal abilities that allow her to see ghosts and mysterious objects that are not visible to other people. Heather’s detective agency resolves paranormal crimes and focuses on banishing poltergeists from the city. In order to help her clients she often has to deal with mystic creatures, ghosts and poltergeists, which have started visiting homes of city inhabitants more often recently… Most probably these visits are not occasional… Heather decides to find out the reason of poltergeists’ attacks. Discover phenomenal events happening in the city with Heather and find out who is guilty in this hidden object adventure!
• 5 different hidden object game play mechanics
• More than 100 levels in 22 stages within 10 settings
• 10 charismatic characters
• 7 challenging original mini-games
• Interactive detective agency office and town map

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